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both human and house, works in progress

Hi and welcome to my online space! I think of it as a wide front porch, of the sort that I grew up with in southern Mississippi, but I’m having to learn how to engage so that it works that way. Down south, we feed people when they show up, pass out the glasses of sweet tea or co-cola, somebody starts talking, and the rest—conversations, stories, laughs, and tears—just happen naturally. I’m hoping this space might evolve thusward, so please feel free to weigh in anytime.

So you’ll know a bit about who’s serving up the ‘tea’ here  . . . until I manage to get my bio for this site completed: I’m a writer and ethnographic historian, teaching this year for the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point and preparing to embark on a long-awaited life in the Mojave Desert on a tiny homestead with a crew of beings (two humans, the rest not and we’re all better off for that) who keep us humble and wide awake most days. I’m also a survivor of family violence, a tracker, a mother and grandmother, and I have been blessed with the best neighbors (human and not) that I could ever have imagined. We all belong to each other, I believe, I know this at a cellular level. We all belong to each other. Not in an owning sort of manner, but in the congenial way of dear friends, many years down the line. I hope that my contributions here and in my work will somehow quicken that better, enlivening the mix even more because I’ve been here and participated.

I’m gradually merging my old website with this space and will soon post pages for some of my tracking and ethnographic fieldwork forays, as well as resources related to my historical research and books (both past and upcoming). There are, however—and it just must be admitted—always ten other more interesting things to do on any given day than create a website. In the meantime I’ve included a page here with links to previous books I’ve written and the films made of two of them.

Thank you for visiting. Although I do not follow the typical tactics for getting comments and likes that are common on many blogs, I very much welcome your comments and appreciate your presence. Having a chance to walk alongside others–to genuinely engage them–is my whole goal. Writers get to have our say as we’re walking alongside our readers: readers seldom get theirs, though! If I can hear from you, then it’s not all quite so lopsided! Warmest regards,

hannah nyala west

All images and content on this site are original, subject to copyright, all rights reserved. If you wish to share or post them, please do so with a link to the page on which you found them. Thanks in advance for your consideration. © Hannah Nyala West and pointlastseen.wordpress.com, 2009 — present. (Formal copyright notice on sidebar.)

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  1. Found Point Last Seen on the Friends of the Library book sale shelf yesterday. Just finished it and went to Google. I am so happy to discover there is much more of your writing waiting for me to read. I will send my book to my 24 year old daughter, currently at the intersection of working on a hot shot fire crew while applying to medical school. She will be entranced and enriched as I was. Thank-you.


    • Diana, thank you for your kind words. A daughter of 24: what a great age for girls and their mothers, no?! And one working on a hot-shot crew as well? That is hard work, so my hat is off to her. Wishing her the best of luck in med school and you everything good as you go alongside her.


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