on existing and hope

I am glad today for rain and fog and information. The first two are ever in short supply in this desert; the latter? Implodes even the most diligent of minds some days: there is just so much of it, and so much that is dishonorable and sad and heartbreaking to boot. All of our yearnings merge in vast colossal clashes: the happy stories right alongside the bitter; the jolly and irreverent cheek by jowl with galling.

One reminder abides. Even the worst news is a signal that humanity still breathes, still strives, still exists alongside. As long as that is so, there has to be hope.



on keeping on

People keep on. Even when assailed from all sides, human beings have it in us to not quit, no matter the odds. I’m grateful today for how many people there are on this planet working for social and economic and political and environmental justice, making communities that are more compassionate to all instead of just a few.

I’m grateful for the others, too—those who are working for the exact opposite—but for very different reasons, of course: they provide both the evidence and the stimulus for fueling the great transformations that we need now. Humanity’s such a long shot at best, anymore or ever perhaps, but I see it in tiny acts by so many every single day, and this, I believe, may bode well for us all.